The Wellington Business Network membership is open. We meet every six weeks or so on a Tuesday at Avida Restaurant & Bar, Wellington.

A guest speaker is invited to each event to give a brief presentation on a topical issue and each meeting concludes with a tapas lunch. Read more.


Lunchtime on Tuesday 9 November 2021. An informative business panel discussion


An enlightening and refreshing panel discussion on a real-life Wellington project, focused on the Pacific. READ MORE AND BOOK



Lunchtime, on Tuesday 10 August 2021, with Dr Rod Carr, Chairperson of He Pou a Rangi – the Climate Change Commission



Lunchtime 27 APRIL 2021 with Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance and the Member of Parliament for Wellington Central.




Lunchtime on 30 March 2021 with Yuong Ha, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Chief Economist and Head of Economics.





Lunchtime on 4 August 2020 with David Seymour, Leader of ACT and MP for Epsom.






Lunchtime on 7 July 2020 with National Party rising stars, Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis.


Lunchtime on 18 February 2020 with Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Chief Economist and Head of Economics, Yuong Ha.


Lunchtime on 10 December 2019 with entrepreneur Tony Henderson-Newport of the PopUp Business School




Lunchtime on 24 September 2019 with City Councillors Diane Calvert and Andy Foster.






Lunchtime on 3 September 2019 with Justin Lester




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